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SAP APO (Advanced planning Optimization)

SAP is one of the most used ERP software by large number of companies in recent times. SAP
APO is a module of it that along with SAP Inventory Collaboration Hub (SAP ICH) and SAP Event
Management creates the SAP SCM solution.
The complete SAP SCM suite has a large number of working area, from supply chain planning to
execution of the project. Many small and medium enterprises are using SAP APO technology for
better performance.
During the course tenure, the student gets learn different aspects of SAP that finally opens the
door for a lavish career.

Advantage of SAP APO

The core advantage, why companies opt for SAP APO is, It provides complete end-to- end supply
chain management solution linking all the process together, which further helps in enhancing
the process.
This technology helps from the order generation to the accurate execution of it. With the
increasing demand of the technology, IT companies hiring people who are already trained in it.
Training on SAP APO could eventually prove beneficial for the fresher’s as well as professionals
to take their career to a new level together.

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Who should attend SAP APO course?

People working with other SAP modules
1. SAP MM consultants
2. SAP PP consultants
3. SAP SD consultants

Pre requisites:

  • As a pre-requisite for the course, it is better if the students have a basic understanding on SAP.
  • Domain and SAP knowledge.
  • Students must be belonging to IT Background and familiar with concepts in SAP.

SAP APO Online Training at AcuteSoft:

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  • Demand Planning – DP
  • Supply Network Planning – SNP
  • Core Interface – CIF Demand Planning
      Model& Version
      Storage Bucket Profile (Maintain Periodicity)
      Planning Buckets (Maintain Time bucket profile DP/ SNP)
      Master Planning Object Structure (MPOS) S&DP Administration
      Planning Area
      Planning Books, Data Views& Selection Id’s
      Master Forecast Profile- Maintain Forecast Profiles
      Interactive Planning Table
      Back ground Job settings – Activities, Job & Schedule
      Alerts Management
      Release / Transfer the forecast.
      Calculate Proportional Factors
      Lifecycle Planning
      Data Loading, Copy/Version Management& Realignment
      Job Monitoring, Process Chain Monitoring
      LiveCache Monitoring
      Maintain Planning Calendar (Time Stream), Maintain Period Split Profile, Maintain Distribution Function
      Product& Location Split
  • Supply Network Planning General Settings
      Model& Version
      CTM Sort Profile
      Demand Profile
      SNP Profile
      Deployment Profile
      Lot size Profile
      All Planners
      TLB Profile
      SNP Optimizer Profile
      SNP Cost Profile
      Rounding Profile
  • Master Data Set Up
      Locations (Plant, Vendor, DC& Customer)
      Products (Finished & Components….Specific to Location)
      Transportation Lanes
  • Administrative Data
      Storage Bucket
      Planning Area
      Planning Buckets
      Planning Books
      Data Views& Selection Id’s
  • Planning Engines& Process
      Transport Load Builder
  • Core Interface – CIF
      CIF Overview
      A story about CIF
  • Architeccture of Integration
      System Infrastructure, Define Logical Sytems& Assing Clients, Define RFC Destinations, Business System Group, Specify Release, Establish Traget System& Setup User Parameters
  • Transfer of Master Data
      Master Data for APO, Initial Transfer, Generation& Activation of Master Data Integration Models
  • Transfer of Transaction Data
      Transaction Data for APO& R/3, Generation& Activation of Transaction Data Integration Models, Pulication from APO to R/3
  • Monitoring& Error Handling
      Monitoring Process, Error Handling
  • List of Important T.Codes


SAP (Advanced Planning and Optimizer) or SAP (APO) is the planning component within the mySAP SCM solution. APO is an acronym for Advanced Planner and Optimizer. This is a large component of SAP’s New Dimension products. APO is an entire suite of supply chain planner applications that increase overall knowledge of the supply chain and provide forecasting, planning and optimization. There are eight application levels within SAP APO: network design, supply network planning, demand planning, production planning and detailed scheduling, transportation planning and vehicle scheduling, global availability and supply chain collaboration.

The SAP APO is not a standalone application and requires a backend ERP system such as SAP R/3 for the execution. SAP R/3 communicates with SAP APO using the APO Core Interface (CIF) which supplies SAP APO with the master and the transaction data in the real time. Interaction between the SAP R/3 at backend and the SAP APO is in real time and any data related to the production, the sales or the supplies is immediately transferred from one system to another without requiring any batch processing.

The efficient way of installing some standard SAP APO scenarios is by reference to the SAP Best Practices for Supply Chain Management.

SAP APO (Advanced Planner and Optimizer) is a key application component of and forms a technical foundation for several SAP solutions.

The benefits of using SAP APO:

The benefits of the SAP APO, is that it provides the basis for an end-to-end supply chain management solution, seamlessly linking all key processes — from order generation to production planning to transportation.

SAP APO offers functionality for:

  • Demand planning
  • Supply network planning
  • Production planning
  • Detailed scheduling
  • Available to promise Although SAP APO is no longer marketed as a separate solution; its functionality underlies mySAP Supply Chain Management, mySAP Customer Relationship Management, and mySAP E-Procurement.
  • Modules within SAP APO
  • Supply Chain Cockpit
  • Demand Planning – a toolkit of statistical and collaborative forecasting techniques.
  • Supply Network Planning – used to calculate quantities to be delivered to a location in order to match customer demand and maintain the desired service level.
  • Global Available to Promise – uses a rule based strategy to ensure you can deliver what you promise to your customers.
  • Transportation Planning / Vehicle Scheduling – optimizes transportation route and schedules vehicle resources.
  • Service Parts Planning
  • Production Plan / Detailed Scheduling – create procurement proposals for in-house production or external procurement to cover product requirements and optimize the same.



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