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  • Customer Service
  • CS Integration with Other Modules
    1. CS – SD Integration
      CS – QM Integration
      CS – FI Integration
      CS – CO Integration
      CS – PP Integration
      CS – MM Integration
      CS – HR Integration
  • Organizational elements in Customer service Module Using the Standard Controls
    1. Master data in Customer service
      Installed Base Management
      Functional Location
      Serial Number Management
      Work Centre
      Cost Centre
      Activity Pricing
      Warranty & Types
      Status Profiles
      DIP Profile
      In-House Repair Process
  • Service Notification
    1. Repair Order
      Service Order
      Resource Related Billing
      Repair-At-Site Process
      Service Notification
      Service Order
      Resource Related Billing
  • Annual Maintenance Contract Process
    1. Contracts
      Task Lists
      Maintenance Plan
      Third Party Repair Process
      Service Notification
      Service Order


  • Customers are likely to purchase from companies or organizations that have a high level of customer satisfaction.SAP Customer Service and SAP CRM Service or SAP (CS) SAP offers two solutions for service area. These are SAP Customer Service (CS module of the ERP system) and SAP CRM Service. Each of these tools are access to the functionality supporting the business processes at all stages for companies providing customer services from reporting the problem for Solution, through planning the works and their execution, to the invoice settlement and other issuance. Both solutions provide flexibility, allowing full integration with other SAP systems (ERP, BI), and also with external applications.

  • By using interfaces, Both SAP CS and the service module in SAP CRM support a wide range of business processes implemented by the departments responsible for providing the services. The most important ones include mapping and management of master data, that is, information on customers, employees (responsible for customer relationships, service engineers, etc.) and materials (e.g. equipment, spare parts, services) as well as warranty data (conditions, dates, coverage).The main system objects used for this purpose include: installations, functional locations, equipment, components, materials with serial numbers.

  • SAP CS module is considered to be an extension of the Sales and distribution module

  • The CS Module consists of all master data, system configuration, and transactions to complete the Service process.

  • The SAP CS course focuses on providing end to end implementation knowledge of the functionalities of Customer service domain.

  • Service Processing of using SAP CS:

  • When customers call with requests for service or warranty claims a service department has a number of processes that can be used. These include the service notification, service order and repair order.

  • Service Notification – if there is an issues with a piece of equipment at the customer’s site that can result in call to the vendor. This can be directly entered into the SAP system as a service order or a repair order. However, if the issue is not clear to the customer, then a service notification can be created that contains all the information that service technicians need to perform an investigation.

  • Activity Report – this is created to collect information for maintenance or service that has been performed and no further processing is required. These actions will be purely service tasks that are not a result of damage or failure of the equipment.

  • Service Order – the tasks that need to be performed for the service of a piece of equipment may require parts and resources. The service order will contain the parts and labor needed to perform the service tasks. The service order can be created from a service notification is one already exists.

  • Repair Order – this type of order is created when your customers send in items for repair because it is faulty or due to damage. Initially the service technician will examine the item to decide whether it can be repaired. If it cannot then it may be returned to your customer. If the customer does not want the item because it cost of sending it back to the customer, then it may be scrapped. If the item can be repaired, the customer is informed of the cost of the repair. If the cost is more than the customer is willing to pay then the item can be sent back or scrapped if the customer does not want it returned.

  • Communications – Each customer wants to feel that they are most important customer, so they need to be communicated with so that they never need to contact because of the lack of information.

  • Customer need to know the details of shipping an item to a customer, then the customer will want to know details of shipment, like when it is shipped, tracking information. If the customer has to call to find out information, they will be less satisfied as it is taking them time to call, and it is costing your company money for someone to spend time finding out the information for the customer. With new technologies such as Customer Relationship Management and social media websites it is possible to communicate with the client electronically to inform them of new products, sales, or promotions that may interest them.

  • Convenience – For a customer there is nothing worse than having to accommodate the limitations of supplier. Good customer service dictates that you will be available when it is convenient to the customer. If the customer wants a service call before they open for business then providing that is good customer service and will instill excellent customer satisfaction. The convenience also should be found on online presence. A customer wants things to be convenient for them, so if they want to be able to review their order, check shipping and send a message, then they need that to be in one location and not spread over many pages, which is not as convenient and leads to poor customer satisfaction.



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