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Welcome to SAP HR/HCM Online Training @ Acutesoft Solutions.

Learning SAP HCM – Human Capital Management is easy if you have a qualified and experienced instructor who loves to teach. This course provides a Step by Step configuration of SAP HCM Core Modules.It is designed to start with a basic overview of the module and end with advanced knowledge of configuration. Our curriculum is carefully designed to exceed job expectations available at a cheaper price with more content being covered.

What is HR/HCM ?

SAP HR (Human Resource management) also known as “Human Capital Management” (HCM) and it is an important module in ERP SAP systems that supports all the process of human resource management in the enterprise. SAP HRrecords the data from the hiring an employee to its final termination in organization.

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  • Introduction of SAP HR
  • Structure Personnel
  • Structure Personnel Administration
  • Organization Management
  • Recruitment
  • Maintaining of Master Data (PA)
  • Time management
  • Payroll management
  • Benefits
  • Personnel development
  • Introduction of SAP
      Role of SAP
      SAP Landscape
      SAP projects Types
      SAP versions
      SAP modules
      Types of Implementations
  • HR Structure
      Defining a Company
      Company Code
      Personnel Area
      Personnel Sub Area
      Assigning Enterprise Structure
  • Personnel Structure
      Defining Personnel Structure
      Employee Groups
      Employee Subgroups
      Payroll area
      Assigning Personnel Structure
  • Personnel Administration
      Basic Settings
      Maintaining number range intervals for Personnel Numbers
      Determine defaults for number range
      Organizational Data
      Define Administrator Groups
      Define Administrator
      Define employee Attributes
      Customizing Info type menu
      Customizing Personnel Actions
      Define Info group
      Set up Personnel Actions
      Create reasons for Personnel Actions
      Change action menu
  • Organization Management Reporting structure Methods
      Organization & staffing
      Expert mode
      Simple maintenance
      General structure
      Info types
  • Organization structure
      Defining Organization Structure
      Evolution path
      Organization Units
      Person, Job, Tasks
  • Recruitment
      Basic Settings
      Set up integration with other components
      Create number ranges for applicant numbers
      Workforce requirement and advertising
      Create positions, media, recruitment instruments
      Applicant Administration
      Create Personnel Officer
  • Applicant Structure
      Maintain Advertisement, Vacancy
      Selection Procedure
      Unsolicited applicant group
      Applicant Master Data
      Applicant Activity
      Maintain applicant activity
      Transfer applicant data
  • Maintaining of Master Data (PA)
      Creation of related info types on hiring like 0000. 0001, 0002, 0003. 0007, 0008 and 0009
      Time Management Introduction
      Define Work Schedules
      Define Public Holiday Class
      Define Daily Work Schedules with breaks
      Define Period Work Schedule
      Set Work Schedules Rules & Work Schedules
      Generate Work Schedule manually
      Set default value for the Work Schedule
      Time Data Recording and Administration
      Defining Attendances, Absences
      Define Absences/Attendances Counting by Counting rule
      Managing Time Accounts using Attendance/Absence Quota
      Setting Groupings for Time Quotas
      Defining Attendances & Absences Quota
      Rules for generating Quotas
      Quota Deduction using Attendances/Absences
      Defining of Deduction Rule
      Assigning of Deduction Rule to Counting Rule
      Time Evaluation settings
      Payroll area and control records
      Remuneration Structure
      Defining Pay Scale Type and Area
      Assigning Pay Scale Structure to Enterprise Structure
      Determine Defaults for Pay Scale Data
      Revise Pay Scale Groups and Levels
      Define Pay Scale Salary Ranges
      Wage type Structure
      Create Wage Type Catalogue
      Check Wage Type Catalogue
      Default Wage Type
      Payroll Organization
      Define Period Parameters, Date Modifiers
      Check Payroll Area
      Generate Payroll Periods
      Maintaining of payroll related info types
      Maintaining 0008, 0003 and Country Specific tax related Info types
      Execute payroll run for an employee and successfully exit from payroll run
      Subsequent Activities
  • Benefits
      Benefit areas and benefit providers
      Define parameter groupings
      Benefit plans (Health , Insurance, Savings)
      Benefit Plan Types
      Plans Status
      Benefits integration with payroll
      Benefits integration with personnel administration
      Integration aspects
      Profile Match up
      Maintaining Catalogue
      Development Plan
      Setting up of Appraisal System Component
      Evaluate Appraisal Documents


The HR is for Human Resources … people are the important part of this SAP module, including Employment history, Payroll, Training, Career management, Succession planning

The Human Resources module (SAP HR) consists of all master data, system configuration, and transactions to complete the Hire to Retire (or, as some say, Fire) process. It includes the following information and processes.

SAP Human Resources (HR) Components or Sub-Components:

  • Personnel Management
      Personnel Administration
      Organization Structure
      Compensation Management
      Personnel Development
  • Organizational Management
  • Travel Management
  • Time Management
  • Payroll



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